Friday, September 26, 2014

See Jessica's New York Yankees Hair Style

This blog post came to us during a phone call from Jessica, who receives support services from Imagine!.  The photo came to us in an email from Jessica following the phone call.

On Friday I went to Peaceful Valley Ranch. We went with Joan Handley’s group, “Just for the Fun of it.” We stayed Friday and Saturday night. I bought two key chains I got in downtown Estes Park. One says Jessica and the other says Nicole. I saw a deer, elk, got to feed horses out of my hand, and I got to pet the horses too. I went on a hayride Saturday. I got two more keychains at Peaceful Valley. One says “I Love Jesus” and the other is a U.S. flag. I got a red jacket too. 

Before the hayride we made some smores. There were chipmunks and squirrels too and they came right up to me. 

NOTE:  In case you didn't know, Jessica is a very dedicated fan of the New York Yankees. She is pictured below sporting a new hair style, with the Yankees' logo styled into her hair.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

Shelly's Art Studio Up And Running

This blog post was sent to us today by Chris DiRosa, the Site Supervisor at the Charles Family SmartHome in Longmont. Shelly is one of the residents at the home.

Shelly's home art studio is officially up and running! Shelly now has the opportunity to paint to her hearts content and add a new flare of color to her home. Shelly worked diligently the past few months to purchase and stock her supplies and personally selected a number of adaptive art tools online to accomplish this goal. Shelly is absolutely thrilled by this new creative addition and is choosing to paint as often as she can! 

We will keep you up-to-date as new and exciting pieces of art reach completion!! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Host Home Provider Tim Granger Loves His Job

This blog post came to us in an email from Tim Granger, who is a Host Home Provider for Imagine!. The email was in response to Tim being recognized by a coworker in our monthly employee newsletter for being such a good Host Home Provider. Thank you Tim, for giving us permission to use your email for this blog.

“When I started at the PCA (Gorham then Caledonia), (a Personal Care Alternative home) I was absolutely amazed that I was being paid to do this work. Sure there were tough days but this job has made such a difference in my life! Words, I'm afraid, would do it no justice.  And later when I became an HHP (Host Home Provider), again I was honored to continue my work with the same guys I had worked with at Caledonia PCA. 

 It's always a pleasure and an honor. I'm not sure if they realize that the impact they make in my life is just as, if not more, significant than the impact I make in theirs!" 

Below is what some of Tim's coworkers had to say about him in the July Imagine!ws newsletter.

Imagine!'s Host Home Team would like to take a minute to spotlight one of our remarkable providers, Tim Granger.  Tim has been a Host Home Provider since 2007, and his experience and abilities working with clients who receive behavioral supports has given a stable and nurturing environment for two of our consumers here at Innovations. 

Tim has an uncanny ability to remain calm under pressure and during behavioral crises. He is able to diffuse tense situations quickly while remaining professional, and assuring the safety of both the consumers in his home.  He is caring, compassionate, and tirelessly works at advocating for both guys in his home. 

Thank you Tim, for all your hard work in making a great quality of life for all the consumers who come into your home, and more importantly, the two guys you have made a part of your family.  We truly appreciate it.