Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Isaac Weaver - Imagine! Excellence in Customer Service Award Recipient

Congratulations to Isaac Weaver, selected as a recipient of the Imagine! Excellence in Customer Service Award. Isaac works for Imagine!’s CORE/Labor Source department.

“Every single day that Isaac comes into work, he is always in a positive mood and genuinely cares about what is going on in our clients’ life. On top of this, he always has a good rapport with the clients’ family or Host Home Providers, and will always go the extra mile to give one on one feedback on client specific projects. He is always a joy to work with!”

Monday, October 29, 2018

Last Day! Vote Imagine!

Today is the last day to vote for Imagine! in the Plante Moran Gives Charity Contest.

The rules of the contest are simple — the three Colorado charities with the most votes from their supporters at the end of three rounds will win a substantial donation. (First place will receive $15,000, second place will receive $10,000, and third place will receive $5,000.) Imagine! is an official entrant!

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Imagine! CORE/Labor Source Longmont Employee Spotlight - Maria Soto

Maria has stepped up and worked really hard in many different ways and is always willing to help. She has volunteered on numerous occasions to take transportation routes that are more challenging so that others can have a break. Maria volunteered to go to the home of one of the individuals in our services who speaks Spanish to talk with them and get certain items put on an iPad so that he can utilize it as a communication and translation device while at CLS. She always has a smile on her face and is constantly going out of her way to provide excellent customer service. Thank you, Maria!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Vote For Imagine! Today & Every Day Through October 29

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Voting is under way in the Plante Moran Gives Charity Contest, and Imagine! is an official entrant! 

The rules of the contest are simple — the three Colorado charities with the most votes from their supporters at the end of three rounds will win a substantial donation. (First place will receive $15,000, second place will receive $10,000, and third place will receive $5,000.)

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Monday, October 15, 2018

WayToGoTober Update

Today marks the middle of WayToGoTober, and Imagine! is clearly committed to commuting smarter.

WayToGoTober is a whole month dedicated to experiencing new, smarter ways to get around. Companies like Imagine!, with 100+ employees, have been challenged to get as many of their employees as possible to commute smarter at least once a week throughout October. Carpool, telework, vanpool, bike, walk, take the bus or transit – any way is a smart commute. Employees earn points for each one-way trip they take and track during October. The company with the most points wins!

Here’s some stats from Imagine!’s participation so far:

152 employees have signed up to participate.

1,867 alternative commute trips have been logged, totaling a distance of 24,402 miles.

81,058 calories have been burned.

$7,2015 has been saved.

6.5 tons of CO2 has been reduced.

Way to go Imagine! employees!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Francine Bush - Imagine! Early Intervention Rock Star

Congratulations to Francine Bush on being selected as an Imagine! Early Intervention Rock Star.

“Francine truly is a Rock Star!! Early Intervention and the families she works with are truly so lucky to have her. Francine brings such a positive attitude to everything she does. This includes: advocating for EI kids, supporting her co-workers and always being a listening ear for anyone who may need it. Francine has built strong relationships within our department and community members and is very deserving of this recognition. Thank you for all that you do, Francine!”

Friday, October 5, 2018

Jessica the Storm Chaser

Jessica Ratner accepts services from Imagine! in Longmont. She attends CORE/Labor Source classes during the week, Out & About field trips on the weekend, and lives in one of the Imagine! Group Homes. 

At seven years old, Jessica fell in love with severe weather and storm chasing. “I would save up my money and buy weather gear whenever I could,” said Jessica. She ventured into the fields with her cousin and his friends to track the weather and spot tornados.

It had been a while since Jessica was on a storm chase and she had an itch to get out there. With her 40th birthday coming up in July of 2018, she decided to give herself a present and go on a storm chasing adventure. She talked with her Primary Care Provider and they searched for an outfit online that could quench her adventure seeking thirst.

Watching a super cell thunderstorm south of Grenora in
North Dakota. Jessica is second from the left.
The storm chasing outfit they decided on was Tempest Tours, a professional storm chasing expedition company. Jessica was one of six guests on the five day trip, accompanied by two staff members. They rode in a company van, equipped with radar modules and computer screens to track the weather.

“It was a good tour in terms of experiencing severe weather,” said Kim, staff member at Tempest Tours. “A lot of breathtaking moments.”

With safety as their top priority, this group had their hands full. At one point, lightning struck just 100 feet from their van. Another company’s van was not so lucky and did catch some lightning, startling all other tours in the vicinity. “The van that got struck was ok,” said Kim. “I’m just glad everyone got out okay.”

They also experienced very heavy winds of 65-70 mph. Jessica witnessed swirling debris, floating dumpsters, and rooftops torn off homes. The tour director, Charles, stood next to Jessica and helped her stay upright so that she could experience the heavy winds. “It felt like ocean waves flowing through me,” said Jessica.
Group photo at Devil's Tower

The group also witnessed the serenity of Mother Nature and hiked a National Monument in Wyoming called the Devil’s Tower, standing 5,112 feet tall and composed of igneous rock. They soaked in the vast landscapes and mountainous views on a sunny day hike.

As the five day adventure came to an end, Jessica did not want to say goodbye. “It was heart wrenching,” said Kim, “she seemed sad to leave us all.” Jessica got the best of both worlds, witnessing severe weather that she could feel in her bones, and getting out safe to tell the story.

“I saw about six tornados on this trip,” said Jessica. “At some point, I’d like to go into the eye of a hurricane. I’m not chicken in any kind of weather.”

Thursday, October 4, 2018

We Love Barbara

Submitted by Chelsea O'Day, Assistant Site Supervisor at Imagine!'s Group Home in Boulder. 
Barbara and I strolled down to the shops on Broadway Street where she bought some colorful new socks and a local T-shirt. She enjoyed strawberry gelato at the Amante coffee shop and bought two glass bottles of Coca-Cola to take home. Staff put flowers in one of the empty bottles as a gift. (Barbara didn't like it at first, but then later decided that she did).
Barbara is 91 years old and very strong in her body, mind, and heart. She loves going out into the community as often as possible. Everybody smiles when they run into Barbara out in the community (and at home, not to mention); she makes the world a more genuine and joyful place and so many people are grateful she's in it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Manhattan Group Home Focuses On Skill Acquisition

Staff members at Imagine!’s Manhattan Group Home are spending the next few months focusing on creative and sustainable ways to build skill acquisition, as well as developing targeted solutions to promote independence.

Each opportunity for skill acquisition is determined with the full participation of the individuals in services, and with the goal of supporting individuals to live the lives they want to live. The goal of this project is to partner with the individuals living at the Manhattan Home to enhance their future quality of life by promoting skill acquisition which will enable them to live, function, and participate more fully in their homes and communities. This is done by promoting choice and control.

This team’s hard work is already starting to produce desirable outcomes and is building real excitement among the residents. Reducing verbal prompts and assistance needed for daily living is creating a vested interest with individuals in being an important part of developing plans and expectations for their own long term success. Additionally, acquiring and customizing supportive tools like their new Echo Show and other assistive technologies reduce demands on staffing.

The key to this momentum thus far has been promoting choice and control alongside the individuals in services from the beginning through identifying specific daily opportunities for independence, and reinforcing consistent approaches across all staff members, including those providing behavioral supports. The team has done a fantastic job of leading with positivity and celebrating achievements both big and small. Supervisor Towana Vance has done an outstanding job inspiring her team of skill acquisition ninjas to make learning from each other a daily habit and building upon momentum for both staff and individuals.

Imagine!’s Innovations department is dedicated to ensuring each goal and opportunity for skill acquisition is determined with the full participation of the individual in services while using person centered practices and allowing the individual in services to determine their personal level of desired engagement. Innovations is assisting individuals to develop a vested interest in their own independence while prioritizing goals that are important to them and important for their health and safety. Towana and her team are ensuring appropriate individualized service and support goals are put in place to reflect the individual’s current desired opportunities for independence and ensuring adequate data tracking is in place to monitor progress and adjust as needed. These are just a few of the collaborative ways Imagine is creating a world of opportunity for all abilities by helping people aspire to, and achieve, a fulfilling life of new possibilities!

LtoR: Whitney Granger, Towana Vance, Christopher Sloan, Jamie Crawford, Heather Christensen

The Echo Show

Monday, October 1, 2018

Isaac Marin: Imagine! Excellence In Customer Service Award Recipient

Congratulations are in order for Isaac Marin, who has been selected as the Imagine! Excellence in Customer Service Award recipient for October.

A family member shared this with Imagine!:

“Isaac has been working through some very challenging behaviors with our daughter, and I have been impressed with him, and appreciative of him, every step of the way. In his words and his actions, he exhibits integrity, kindness, and tenacity. He has advocated creatively for things he believed our daughter needed in order to work through her challenges, and he continues to do so. In addition, I have witnessed first-hand as he trains new staff members. He is terrific at modeling respectful, adult communication with the SmartHome residents, and simultaneously treats the new staff member with respect while teaching him about all of the intricacies involved in working with each individual. He is upbeat and clearly passionate about his work, and as a parent, I am eternally grateful for his presence at Imagine!.”