Thursday, July 13, 2017

Evan Dittig

Evan Dittig is from Jersey and founded Skate.Now, a skateboard instructional service. He visited Imagine!’s Out & About one morning to offer free skateboard lessons. I sat down with Evan after the lesson and he shared how Skate.Now got started and why.

How was the clinic with Out & About?
It went so well. I didn’t know what to expect at first being 30 kiddos and one of me. It was so well organized and I had a blast. Seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces were amazing. Skateboarding is a universal language. We had a couple of kids today who are non-verbal and they were able to ride just like anyone else. You just hop on and cruise. When I assisted the girl who used the stroller up and down the ramps, seeing her smile was so awesome. Some of the kids today weren’t riding it but putting their hands on the board and rolling it back and forth and still getting enjoyment out of it. You can enjoy it without riding.

What are your take home lessons during a class?
Skateboarding is not for a specific person, we’re trying to break the stereotypes of a “skater.” Anyone can go skateboarding and have a blast doing it. That’s why we like to offer the skills and guidance it takes to learn this sport to everybody, not based on any position. It builds resilience. If you fall down and get back up, and you try again, it shows you that failure is temporary. You can’t let it break your spirit because everyone falls. That’s a huge part of life, you can fail at something and it’s all about getting back up and trying again and really making it.

What’s your story and how did this business start?
I’ve been skateboarding for 12 years, teaching for 5-6 years. I used to work with local camps and skateboard shops offering lessons. I gained relationships and bonds with the kids and those turned into private lessons. I ended up with a ton of different clients so I decided to start a little business and let it grow. In my last year of college, I learned a lot about philanthropic work and giving back and I understood a greater concept of what it feels like to help those that are less fortunate. Really hit me in the heart. What’s the point of being an entrepreneur to just make money? Anybody can have money. You really just want to make an impact and better the world because this world needs it. That’s why I was in Colorado for a week and some of us went to Nicaragua last month and gave free lessons at local schools. 

 If I could support myself while giving out free skateboard lessons my entire life, I would. Our business model allows us to generate revenue and then, in turn, use that money to take trips and help out more people.

Visit the Skate.Now website to learn more about the business and follow them on Facebook to see their latest philanthropic missions!

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