Friday, January 11, 2019

Imagine! Employees Pass RBT Exam

Tyler Buchholz
Imagine! employees Rachel Bowles and Tyler Buchholz recently passed their Registered Behavior
Technician (RBT) exams. Their current roles as Behavioral Line Staff at Imagine!'s adult day program in Longmont will benefit greatly from this extra training and education, providing thoughtful support to their coworkers and the individuals in the program.

“It’s been cool for both of us to have someone to go through this with,” commented Rachel on having Tyler as a test buddy. They completed the 85 question exam with a 90 minute time limit at a testing center in Broomfield.

Rachel Bowles
The RBT credential is a stepping stone toward being a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), all within the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) field. Rachel and Tyler are now registered in a national database where their contact info is listed for networking purposes.

Dr. Jeff Kupfer, a licensed psychologist and consultant for Imagine!, and Jonny Brennan, BCBA at Imagine!, both work closely with Rachel and Tyler. “They have been super helpful throughout this whole thing,” said Rachel. In March, Rachel and Tyler will present at a conference titled Four Corners ABA in Santa Fe, NM, thanks to a connection through Dr. Kupfer.

“It’s rewarding to have coworkers approach us for advice and having trust in us,” said Rachel. “Which is something I now feel comfortable responding to after completing the exam.” Congrats to Rachel and Tyler for this accomplishment! The Imagine! community is stronger for Rachel and Tyler’s brand-new credentials, benefiting from their education and experience.

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