Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Morgan Slaski - Imagine! Early Intervention Rockstar

Congratulations are in order for Morgan Slaski, recently selected as an Imagine! Early Intervention Rockstar.

Morgan has been a great asset to our Early Intervention department. She has been consistent with reaching out to all insurance companies and has established a good relationship with all of the agencies. In the short period of time that she has joined EI, she has helped with creating a better flowing process, which has helped the overall department in ensuring our service coordinators are getting insurance verification in a timely manner. We are lucky to have Morgan on our team!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Imagine! the Possibilities: Give on April 25

Technology is opening the doors to more opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities, making things that were once impossible, possible.

To support Imagine!’s many technology initiatives, we are hosting a “Day of Giving” on April 25 – twenty four hours to invest in Imagine!’s use of technology to create a world of opportunity for all abilities.

Technologies like:

Voice command technologies that enhance a person's ability to control his/her environment.

Virtual Reality that provides job training and leisure activities.

Remote Supports that allow people to live more independently.

To make the day even more impactful, our credit card vendor is waiving all fees on donations made on our Day of Giving!

Click here to donate on April 25

You can even sign up to get an email reminder sent to you so you don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Bella's Story

Earlier this year, the Imagine! Foundation held its annual fundraiser gala, hosting 500 guests for a night of guest speakers, featured videos, and a silent and live auction. To kick off the main program, Imagine! welcomed guest speaker Bella Larsen to the stage to share her story and warm up the crowd:

“I’m Bella Larsen and I am on the Imagine! Board of Directors. I also receive services from Imagine!. Lots of my friends get services from Imagine! too. I love Imagine! because they help me and my friends. I also love that I get to meet new people and make new friends. Thank you for coming tonight and I hope that you spend lots and lots of money. Thank you for supporting Imagine!.” 

After asking her how it was speaking in front of 500 people, she laughed and replied, “That was a lot of people! It was good.”

 Bella grew up in Boulder, CO and starting using Imagine! services when she was a little girl. Bella has grown up to be a wise, caring, and generous member of her community, constantly looking for ways to give back. She sees her position on the Imagine! Board of Directors as a way to represent people with disabilities. “Some people I know are non-verbal and can’t say what they’re feeling, so I help by representing them the best I can,” said Bella.

Joining the Board of Directors is an accumulation of her charitable lifestyle. Bella also volunteers at the Boulder Humane Society. “I love it,” said Bella. “It’s like my second home because I know everybody, they’re like family.” Bella helps with laundry, dishes, socializing the dogs, and also at big events. She partnered with the Humane Society ever since middle school, attending volunteer shifts with her mother. As she got older, Bella starting helping out on her own. She has logged over 500 volunteer hours with the Boulder Humane Society.

Bella lives a healthy lifestyle by infusing sports and fitness into her routine. When she was younger, her father would drive her to hockey practice in Littleton. After five years of commuting to south of Denver every week, Bella’s father helped launch the Colorado Ice Wizards, who now operate out of the YMCA in Lafayette. Bella brings her charitable personality to the hockey team as well. “My dad encouraged me once to get on the ice and help the newer players,” said Bella. “So I try to help them whenever I can.”

She recently traveled to Toronto, Canada, participating in the 25th annual Special Hockey International Tournament. Four days straight on the ice, Bella breathed, ate, and slept hockey. During the final game, Bella scored a goal. The hockey season concluded this month, but the off-season just means the sports carousel will oscillate to the next activity. She belongs to the EXPAND swim team in Boulder, will compete in a Special Olympics Regional Competition in April, and run the BolderBoulder in May. “My grandpa was in the Air Force, so I do the BolderBoulder for him (on Memorial Day).”

Last but not least, another bullet point on Bella’s busy schedule is her job. She works at The Roost in Lafayette, a training center for individuals with developmental disabilities. Bella is part of their co-op program, learning vocational skills and earning a profit at the same time. She is looking into a second job at a retirement home, which would allow her to continue helping others and apply the job skills she is learning at The Roost.

Bella was an easy choice to speak at the Imagine! Celebration because of her kind and personable character. She is honest and genuine, all while seeking the good in people. We are lucky to have Bella a part of the Imagine! community and her ongoing support. Thank you, Bella, for all you do in the community, creating a world of opportunity for all abilities!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Imagine! Represents at Four Corners ABA Conference

Submitted by Rachel Bowles, Registered Behavior Technician at Imagine!

Tyler Buchholz, Rachel Bowles, and Jeff Kupfer (left to right)
A select number of Imagine!’s behavioral staff were chosen to present an original poster at the Four Corners ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Annual Conference in Sante Fe, NM. We were referred to submit a poster abstract to this conference by Dr. Jeff Kupfer, a consultant for Imagine!, who established and served on the Board of Directors for Four Corners.

Rachel Bowles and Tyler Buchholz (left to right)
The poster was titled “Effects of Variable DRO and NCR on Attention-Seeking Behaviors in the Context of a Day Program.” We mingled and talked with other presenters at the conference, building our network explaining in more detail what we do at Imagine!. We also had the honor of listening to several experts on many different subjects within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, over the course of nine sessions at the conference. We met so many interesting and knowledgeable behavioral professionals, and it was truly a lot of fun to hear what they've been up to in the field. We hope to attend and present again in the future, as it was a great experience and a very informative conference!

** DRO = Differential Reinforcement of Other Behaviors
** NCR = Non-Contingent Reinforcement

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Patti Showman - Imagine! Early Intervention Rockstar

Congratulations are in order for Patti Showman, recently selected as an Imagine! Early Intervention Rockstar.

Patti always goes above and beyond working with our Early Intervention providers to ensure successful billing. She is accommodating to all our providers during this time. Patti is consistent and competent at what she does. She always has a positive and upbeat attitude, she brings lots of joy to the team and adds to admin’s overall approachability. She maintains team spirit even in light of turnover and software updates. We appreciate you, Patti!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Imagine! Artists Featured at Coffee Shop

From now until April 29, Que’s Espresso in Longmont has decorated their coffee shop using the creative minds of Imagine! artists.

Every week, Imagine!’s Adult Day Program facilitates an interactive art class, bringing to life a variety of creative expressions. Painting on canvas is a popular medium in this class, allowing for many opportunities to display artwork in the community.

The Dairy Arts Center, Longmont and Boulder art walks, and the online Etsy page are a few examples of showing off these masterpieces to the greater community. Now, add a popular and classy coffee shop to the list.

Grab a scone and a cup of Joe and support these artists by checking out their work. Que’s Espresso is located at 600 S Airport Road, Longmont, CO 80503. You can also buy the art right off the wall at the shop! Or visit Imagine!’s Etsy page and purchase art  online.