Monday, December 10, 2012

John Says Disney On Ice Was A Blast

This blog post was submitted by John via an audio email. John is a resident of the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome in Boulder, and he has become very skilled at using the technology on his computer that allows him to send audio emails.

Thank you so much to everyone who gave me a birthday card. I really liked them.

I just want to say hello and Happy Holidays coming. I went to the “Dare to Dream Disney on Ice" yesterday.” I had so much fun, it was a blast.

I hope to have Christmas jokes for you and if I find one I’ll give it to you.

I will be at Imagine! for the Innovations Advocacy Council meeting tomorrow. All right, take care, bye.

1 comment:

  1. Hi John,

    Since we just had an election, here's a Christmas joke for you:

    Q: Where do polar bears vote?
    A: The North Poll.

    Yeah, kind of silly. Looking forward to your jokes and good luck at the meeting tomorrow. Would love to hear how it goes.