Wednesday, March 20, 2013

John Takes Pride In His Jobs

This blog post is from a conversation with John this morning after he finished his shift as a member of a CORE/Labor Source work crew at the Hungry Toad Pub in Boulder where John vacuumed and mopped.

“After we eat lunch, this afternoon I will be at Timberline doing a bit of cleaning. We clean the kitchen area, things like that.” When asked what he does with the money he earns at his jobs, John replied, “I save some in the bank, and I keep some so if I go bowling I can buy a snack. I’m going bowling tomorrow with CORE/Labor Source at Coal Creek Bowling Alley.

"Yesterday, we had our (Innovations) Advocacy Council meeting and we discussed National Siblings Day, which is April 10th. I have two brothers and two sisters so we have a lot of us in our family.”

John vacuuming at the Hungry Toad Pub.

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