Friday, September 26, 2014

See Jessica's New York Yankees Hair Style

This blog post came to us during a phone call from Jessica, who receives support services from Imagine!.  The photo came to us in an email from Jessica following the phone call.

On Friday I went to Peaceful Valley Ranch. We went with Joan Handley’s group, “Just for the Fun of it.” We stayed Friday and Saturday night. I bought two key chains I got in downtown Estes Park. One says Jessica and the other says Nicole. I saw a deer, elk, got to feed horses out of my hand, and I got to pet the horses too. I went on a hayride Saturday. I got two more keychains at Peaceful Valley. One says “I Love Jesus” and the other is a U.S. flag. I got a red jacket too. 

Before the hayride we made some smores. There were chipmunks and squirrels too and they came right up to me. 

NOTE:  In case you didn't know, Jessica is a very dedicated fan of the New York Yankees. She is pictured below sporting a new hair style, with the Yankees' logo styled into her hair.  

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