Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Out & About New Participant Feature

Entering a new school year, Out & About has a few new participants in the After School Program. Joining the group this year is Jordyn, a happy 11-year old with a wonderful smile. Searching for a new program since she aged out of her previous situation, her parents found Out & About. “As with any new schedule, it was a challenge at first getting used to the different activities every day, but everyone has been so understanding and patient, and Jordyn is enjoying herself,” said Frank, Jordyn’s father.

Jordyn attends the After School Program every day, which gives her an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities. From splashing in the pool, to cruising around the dance studio to the latest pop tunes, to bowling a strike, Jordyn consistently gives us her contagious smile and has high spirits and energy for each activity.

“Jordyn has always been a very social girl, but I think she has become even more so by getting to interact with all of the other kids in the program at the various activities outside of school,” said Frank.

A big welcome to Jordyn and her family to the Out & About family!

We’d like to send out a big "thank you" to Scott Wendelberger who works with Imagine!'s Out & About program for sharing this story with us.

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