Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Art at Work" with Imagine!'s CORE/Labor Source Program

Last week we were invited by Bridget Carrol, who teaches an "Art at Work" class through Imagine!'s CORE/Labor Source (CLS) program in Boulder. We were warmly welcomed by Bridget and the artists in her class, as they quickly jumped from introductions to laying out their class schedule for the day.

The artists got their creative juices flowing with a check-in, by going around the table with the question of "if you could live anywhere in the world, were would you choose to live?" The answers varied from the Florida Keys, to Utah, to Washington DC, to Siena, Italy, to Paris, France, and beyond. One artist even contemplated the possibility of living under the sea with whales.

The artists reviewed recent purchases of their art from their online store, and celebrated sales that needed to be shipped to Alaska, and Pennsylvania, as well as a commissioned piece headed to Florida.

As one artist worked with Bridget to package paintings for shipping, others began working on personalizing and adding their artistic flare to new business cards.

Front and back of Business Cards

Next the artists jumped into their smocks to move their current works towards completion.

While B.G. worked on the commissioned piece above, with Bridget's guidance, others worked on a mixed media collage and other paintings.

A sincere thank you to Bridget and the artists from the CLS "Art at Work" class. We found the concentration, energy, and focus of you all to be inspiring. You can click here to check out their online store.

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