Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Imagine! Excellence in Customer Service Award: August 2016

Congratulations are in order for Marrisca Goscha, who works for Imagine!’s CORE/Labor Source department, on being selected as the August 2016 recipient of the Imagine! Excellence in Customer Service Award.

Here is some information from Marrisca’s multiple nominations, which ably demonstrate why she selected as this month’s recipient:

“Marrisca knows which items clients like best without instructors needing to tell her, when to assist clients in the restroom without being asked, and is willing to sub on her day off when there is a need to fill. Marrisca is the type of person who will do things without being asked. Marrisca not only completes tasks that need to be done, she also takes the time to get to know the individuals we serve. From helping plan a client's birthday celebration to knowing what movie a client watched last week, Marrisca truly cares for our clients.”

“...even before becoming an instructor she was facilitating classes when needed. She would create interesting and meaningful activities that our clients always enjoy. Marrisca is passionate about her job, and has become a huge advocate for our clients. She starts the difficult conversations that need to happen to support our clients and to push our program to the next level. She is a great team member who works well with our entire staff to provide the best quality care possible.”

“...She goes out of her way to help clients in times of need and is a great and valuable team member to the rest of her staff. She strives to make CORE a great place for clients to be and you can see the compassion she has for others.”

“Marrisca is someone who embodies Imagine!'s values every single day. She brings an extremely positive and respectful attitude to work every day. She is eager to learn and provide the best service to the individuals we serve. Marrisca is comfortable coming to us as supervisors and asking good questions on a regular basis that demonstrate her willingness to accept constructive feedback and better the services that we provide. Her ability to ask quality questions when she doesn't know all the information she needs to act independently gives us confidence that she is able to provide the best customer service possible when oversight is low. Marrisca is someone who consistently interacts with individuals across imagine with the utmost respect. She is a true advocate for the rights of all and her calm and respectful demeanor adds a shining glow to the program!”

Great work, Marrisca, and congratulations on this well-deserved honor!

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  1. You really have all the good traits of nice customer service representative, your work is appreciable. Good Customer service skills is always a boon to the growth and wellness of a business.