Friday, September 1, 2017

Leaders at Imagine!

Every year, Imagine! facilitates a Leadership Development Group (LDG), comprised of 5-6 employees who want to strengthen their leadership skills. This ten month program offers mentorship, training opportunities, self-study, attendance at executive meetings, and includes a case study to address a specific challenge that Imagine! is facing. 

Below is the brand new class of LDG 2017-2018!  
1) What is your definition of a leader? 2) Favorite Super Hero?

Ally Joel

1) A leader is someone who has clear and obtainable goals to work towards and communicates those to the group they are leading and supporting. Leaders make themselves available to those who need support and holds an empathetic approach using empowerment rather than enabling them. Best of all, leaders have a unique sense of intrinsic-motivation and can motivate others to accomplish a shared goal/objective.

2) Wonder Woman

Britt McWilliams

1) A leader is someone who is able to establish a trusting relationship within a group by being authentic in their own communication, receptive to others’ ideas, and is willing to remain open-minded and flexible.

2) Master Splinter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Brodie Schulz

1) A good leader is one that does not, initially, aspire to lead, but rather aspires to serve and through serving others begins to lead as they place the care and needs of those served as their highest priority. A leader believes in the potential of all and recognizes and supports the need to be creative and innovative. They also recognize their own limitations and understand that they cannot be successful alone, but can only achieve through the service and support of others.

2) Green Lantern

Jeff Rodarti

1) A leader understands the value of optimism, that change begins with oneself, and that listening is where it all begins.

2) Professor X

Jen McIntyre

1) A leader is someone who is honest with themselves and with their team. It is someone others can rely on for support and encouragement. A leader recognizes the potential of others and works hard to build upon those strengths. A leader is someone who can lead from the front, just as well as from the back and recognizes that success doesn’t occur due to 1 person’s abilities but from the talents of all team members combined.

2) Batman