Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Miah and Bridget Dance Performance

This coming Sunday, Boulder Canyon Theater presents their Annual “Dance is for Every Body” showcase. Members of Imagine!’s Out & About program, Miah and Bridget, decided to meet up on their own time and create a dance number for this occasion. Read more to learn their story and come watch them perform! 

1-4pm (Miah and Bridget at 1:50pm)
Boulder Canyon Theater 

“Dancing is a part of me. I feel like I need it in my life,” said Miah. “Performing my talents is something I look forward to a lot.”

Miah and Bridget met through Imagine!’s Out & About activities. Bridget is a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist and facilitates lesson plans and activities for the participants. Miah often attends these activities and one day, they discovered their shared passion for dance.

“Dancing is a passion I really want in my life. It’s something I feel strong in my heart,” said Miah.

For two months, Miah and Bridget met weekly to create and rehearse a dance number for the showcase at Canyon Theater. “The best part is that it’s been really collaborative,” said Bridget. “We’ve done a lot of back and forth, creating movement together, which has been equally challenging and a great part of the process.”

Bridget studied dance and therapeutic recreation at University of Iowa. “I did a lot of duet dance numbers in college, but recently I’ve been involved in bigger ensemble projects, and sometimes in the back helping with logistics. It’s been fun to come back to the spotlight and work with Miah.”

The same goes for Miah, she has been doing mainly ensemble performances with either Out & About or other groups. “I feel refreshed doing this duet. I feel blessed to be able to do this,” said Miah.

With a twist of modern and ballet dance steps, their performance is completely original. “Ballet is hard. It takes patience. It takes time. If you feel refreshed and relaxed, then you can do ballet,” said Miah.

“Bridget taught me new moves and it was cool to see a new perspective,” said Miah. “She also taught me a lot about myself and we created a connection.” After hearing that, Bridget nodded her head and said “yes, we built a friendship, and hopefully a partnership that will continue.”

Thank you, Miah and Bridget, for sharing your talents with us. Hope to see everyone there!

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