Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lindsey And Her Family Visit Montana

This blog post came to us in an email from Cindy Newell, the mother of Lindsey who receives support services from Imagine!. Thanks Cindy, Dwight, and Lindsey for sharing these photos and the story with us.

If you might be looking for any pictures of activities, we took Lindsey to Montana in September. Here are some of the pictures from the trip. This was a big deal, Lindsey hadn't been to see her extended family in Montana for over 7 years. 

She is helping make garlic bread in one picture, went for a walk to the lake by grandma's house, and there's a family picture with all her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandpa. That group picture is not good, it was outdoors at night with not a good flash on the phone. But you can see that Lindsey was enjoying the moments. Heart warming!

Lindsey and her mom Cindy at the Montana border. 

Lindsey by the lake near grandma's house.

Lindsey helping to make garlic bread. 

Lindsey and her family.  Lindsey's dad Dwight is in the
black shirt on the far right. 

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