Monday, January 13, 2014

Jessica's Has A New Job And A New York Vacation Planned

Today's blog post came to us in a phone call from Jessica last week. Coincidentally, there's a lot that's "new" in her post.  New Year's Eve, new job, plans to visit New York, and going to a hockey game with the New York Islanders playing.


I stayed up late on New Year’s Eve. I drank a beer, some at 10:00 (midnight New York time), some at midnight our time, and then finished it at 1:00 am (midnight California time). I was thinking of friends and family.

I’m going to New York for my birthday, and hopefully to a Yankees game on the July 26th or 27th. I checked out their schedule already.

I started my new job Friday at Amcon, working with foam. I’ve got something else interesting to tell you. I’m going to the Islanders and Avalanche game Friday night. I’ll wear my Islanders hat and Avs shirt so I can cheer for both teams.


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