Friday, January 3, 2014

John Enjoys Sending Audio Emails

This blog post came to us about 10 minutes ago in an audio email from John. He is becoming very skilled at sending audio emails to his friends and family. We enjoy receiving these emails because John is always so positive and considerate. 

I will gladly pass on any comments anyone has about John's ability to send audio emails and his willingness to take the time to send them. He also checks out these Imagine! Voices blog posts, but I'll make sure he sees any comments posted.  Thank you.

Hey Gary, I want to thank you for the picture of me and Kelsey in that Coal Creek Bowling Alley. I really enjoyed looking at it. I just want to tell you hi. I hope that your holidays went well. I want to wish you a happy 2014, and a happy Friday to you. I want to wish you a happy, good weekend. If you’re outside tomorrow, please stay warm. Otherwise, have a good nice weekend. I’ll talk to you soon. All right, bye bye.

John and his housemate Lana, both Bronco fans.

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