Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Purple Horse

This blog post was written last week by Donna during Imagine!'s Out & About department's Creative Expressions Class. The participants in the class were encouraged to write anything they wanted, it can be a poem, song, a true story, fiction, what they like, or anything they want to write about. Here is what Donna wrote.

Donna's Story About A Purple Horse 

Purple horse. I would like to buy it on my own. It will cost $500.00. I am saving my money to get it and my friends helped me bring it home and I found a place to have my purple horse boarded at the stables. She is tamed to ride in the mountains, Mustang Sally. She is sweet and friendly and she likes people riding her and they like her and they think she is a good horse and they want to ride her again sometime.  And after we take turns riding her I would take the tack off her and groom her and feed  and water her and put her back in the stables. And my friends went for a walk and we seen roses, beautiful red roses and we seen lots of beautiful birds after we went horseback riding and the birds sing a lot of songs, beautiful too.

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