Wednesday, October 8, 2014


We spent some time yesterday afternoon catching up with Donna and Gerald, who are celebrating their first full week living in the recently completed Santa Fe Home, located in eastern Broomfield County.

Looking Eastward at the Santa Fe Home

They have fondly named it their “Home-in-the-Country.” Although both Donna and Gerald miss living at the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome, they agreed that the wide-open space surrounding their new rural home, the horses, goats and peace-and-quiet win hands down over noisy Iris Avenue in Boulder.

When we asked what they liked most about their new home, the couple couldn’t quite agree on what they loved more; the peace-and-quiet of rural living, or looking westward to enjoy the mountain views and sunsets. When we asked Donna and Gerald if there was anything that they didn’t love about their move, they agreed that they could do without their commutes to their jobs and classes that they enjoy participating in with Imagine!’s CORE/Labor Source program.

Gerald relaxing and enjoying the view
Donna showing us around outside

Who can’t relate to that sentiment?

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