Monday, October 20, 2014

Introducing Karen

We’d like to introduce you to Karen, who now calls the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome “HOME.”

After many years of living independently in her community, Karen found herself living in a nursing home due to an unexpected health event. Upon moving into a nursing home, many thought that she would reside there for the remainder of her life.

Thankfully Karen, who works hard to stay optimistic, thought otherwise.

When the opportunity to move into the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome was presented to her, she was excited about a fresh start.

Karen enjoys reading, thanks to her nook e-reader that allows her to manipulate font size to suit her needs. She is also eager to take advantage of the many technologies within her new home. She looks forward to using the inductive cooktop and prompting system to refresh her interest in cooking, so that she can cook for her family and friends.

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