Thursday, March 19, 2015

Imagine! Innovations Department Host Home Spotlight

Imagine!'s Innovations Department would like to recognize Lyle Jasmin, who is a Host Home Provider (HHP) for his outstanding demonstration of Innovations quality standards and commitment to the Imagine! mission. Lyle has been a provider with us less than a year, but he has proved himself over and over as a reliable and motivated caretaker. 

Lyle has been remarkably successful working with the two consumers that live in his home, one of which was having major struggles in his previous placement and entered the home on an emergency basis. Lyle recently demonstrated his extraordinary attention to detail and dedication to his consumer’s health, safety, and well-being. The consumer had been prescribed a new medication. This medication was filled and sent to the home by the pharmacy. Prior to administering the medication, Lyle noticed the generic name of the medication was the name of a medication listed on the consumer’s allergy list. Instead of administering this medication, he notified his Coordinator and Nurse Case Manager and we were able to verify the allergy and request new medication. Both the Coordinator and Nurse Case Manager were highly impressed Lyle caught this potentially harmful mistake that had not been caught via the other levels of oversight. We just wanted to recognize Lyle for this true attention to detail and say thank you to him for his quality of care day in and day out.

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