Thursday, March 26, 2015

Imagine!'s Out & About Program Welcomes New Intern

The New Year brought in a new Therapeutic Recreation intern to Out & About! Quincy Hegeman, a Senior from Frostburg State University, Maryland, signed on with Out & About in January to complete a 15-week internship, which is the final step in gaining her bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation. One of her tasks as an intern is to work as a Therapeutic Instructor in the field and gain hands-on experience. “My goal is to find out if I prefer working in a community-based setting or a clinical based setting,” said Quincy.

As the internship progresses, Quincy will gain experience with performing intakes, writing Therapeutic Plans, and writing individualized goals for participants. She will also get to practice planning and facilitating activities. The variety of tasks are aimed at giving Quincy a 360-degree experience at Out & About. Before she wraps up the internship in May, Quincy is required by her university to complete a special project that benefits Out & About. Right now, her plan is to research articles and studies focused on the activities and interventions Out & About provides. For instance, finding a study that outlines the potential outcomes/benefits of someone participating in a theatre program. She will also research best practices for implementing that particular activity. Lisa Bargatze, Quincy’s internship supervisor, said, “We, as a therapeutic team, are excited to support Quincy in this project! It will be a great learning experience for her, as well as a useful tool for the department.”

“I’ve learned already how to be flexible and think quick on my feet when change occurs,” said Quincy. She also explains it’s becoming clear, that “It takes a lot of work to plan lessons and maintain a smooth activity.” Having grown up in northern Maryland, Quincy says, “I like how Colorado reminds me of home, just bigger mountains!”

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