Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Imagine! ASD Program: Request for Registrations

The annual enrollment for the 3-year Autism Spectrum Disorders Program at Imagine! began July 1st. This year the Program still has openings for enrollment to those who meet the eligibility requirements.

The ASD Program is for Boulder County residents between the ages of 3 and *26 who live at home with their parents, who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and who are NOT eligible for other services through Imagine!. If your child already receives services through the Family Support Services Program (FSSP) at Imagine!, s/he would not be considered for the ASD Program.

*The upper age limit has recently been raised from 22 to 26: older individuals may request an exemption from the criteria of living at home with their parents. 

To register your son or daughter:
  • Please visit to register online for the ASD Program. You will receive an email confirmation; 
  • You will then receive by mail an Intake Application packet from Imagine!’s Intake Case Managers. You must complete this application for services at Imagine! in order to remain on the wait list for the ASD Program; 
  • Colorado has recently broadened the eligibility criteria for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities services. Some families who register for the ASD Program may learn that their child qualifies for other services at Imagine! rather than for the ASD Program. 
  • Please send the following supporting documents to the ASD Program Coordinator at Imagine!: 
  1. your child’s most recent medical diagnosis, signed by a psychiatrist, physician or psychologist who specializes in autism spectrum disorders; 
  2. your child’s current IEP. 
The ASD Program enrolls 20 children each July from the registration waiting list. Funds for therapeutic services are for 3 years: $5,000 the 1st year, $3,500 the 2nd year & $2,000 the 3rd (final) year. This is a family-directed program in which therapeutic services are ordered from the ASD Program’s web store to match an approved 3 Year Plan. Please visit the website for examples. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about this program, you can contact Lucy Williams, ASD Program Coordinator, at 303-926-6444 or

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