Thursday, August 20, 2015

Innovations Super Hero

One of Imagine!’s Innovations department’s recognition programs is to name staff members each month who have gone above and beyond in providing services.  This program was designed to recognize and thank employees and providers in the categories of: Health, Safety, and Wellbeing; Effectiveness and Efficiency; Respect and Dignity; Opportunities; Integrity; and Care (HEROIC). All employees who are given a Heroic Award within a month time period become eligible for being named the “Super Hero of the Month.”

We are very proud to announce that this month’s Innovations “Super Hero of the Month” is Robin Phillips, who is a Site Supervisor at Imagine!’s Garden Place Home.

Robin was nominated by a fellow team member because:

Robin is extremely efficient, provides excellent care to everyone who she works with, and she handles stressful situations with compassion and grace. Robin is prompt to answer questions from her team members and managers, and she shows a genuine care for every person that she interacts with.  Recently, Robin assisted a resident who accepted services from Innovations as they were supported by hospice. She also supported the other residents and team that she leads in their shared process of grieving. Robin has worked closely with many departments to assist with staffing shortages and associated challenges. Robin is a shining example of Innovations’ CORE values and mission.

When you see Robin, please congratulate her for her hard work and dedication.

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