Thursday, October 29, 2015

Innovations Super Hero

One of Imagine!’s Innovations department’s recognition programs is to name staff members each month who have gone above and beyond in providing services.  This program was designed to recognize and thank employees and providers in the categories of: Health, Safety, and Wellbeing; Effectiveness and Efficiency; Respect and Dignity; Opportunities; Integrity; and Care (HEROIC). All employees who are given a Heroic Award within a month time period become eligible for being named the “Super Hero of the Month.”

We are very proud to announce that this month’s Innovations “Super Hero of the Month” is Christie Talkington, who works in our Innovations for Children program as a Foster Care Placement Worker.

 Christie was nominated by her supervisor because:

The past month has been very challenging for two foster children who Christie is the placement worker for, involving an investigation, a move, safety planning, interaction with caseworkers, schools, guardians, and the foster parents.  As soon as things settled down, one of the children had a health crisis and needed emergency care and surgery, and Christie coordinated everything. She drove all over the metro area, and even stayed at the hospital until midnight with the kiddo so that the child would not be alone in their hospital room. It was tough work for everyone during this crisis, and it involved a great deal of problem solving throughout. This crisis was eventualy resolved when a new foster family, with children of their own, opened their hearts and created a safe place for the children in crisis.

Through it all Christie maintained her smile, contageous laughter, and a sense of calm. Christie does a phenomenal job, and the children are fortunate to have her as their advocate and placement worker. Christie, you ROCK!

When you see Christie, please congratulate her for her hard work and dedication.

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