Friday, July 21, 2017

Mike Spreads The Word

This week's write up features Mike from Boulder, Colorado, who accepts services from Imagine! Using his communication device and assistance from his mother, Mike shares his experience being active in public policy. 

I think I need to tell everyone how important it is to be active in advocating for yourself and others. I need to tell you that this year in the Colorado Legislature I gave testimony for two very important bills. One was to prevent the use of prove restraints in the schools. I can’t believe they are still doing it. I helped prevent it now for the future and parents will have to be notified about any restraint use. I had good schools where they knew better ways to help students be safe. Both the classmates and the student who loses self control. I also gave testimony to try to keep schools from suspending and ejecting students ages three to second grade. It passed one body but lobbyists defeated it in the other chamber. In Colorado, the session each year goes from January to early May. Then it goes to recess until the next year. That gives time to focus on national bills. Right now the focus is to prevent cuts and caps to Medicaid. It’s very important that your Legislators hear your stories. Call or write them.

I have been involved in public policy since high school. I have been at the Colorado legislature every year since graduation. I know many legislators personally and I was introduced on the floor of the house. I also have been in rallies supporting issues in Colorado and on Capitol Hill in Washington. Senator Kefalas asked me to come because in its first hearing in committee the chairman told him he planned to table the bill, but since people came to testify he gave us a chance. He told senator Kefalas that my testimony convinced him to ask for a vote. It passed and went on to become a bill.

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