Wednesday, November 7, 2012

John Voted On Election Day

This blog post was submitted last night via an audio email from John. The photos were sent via email by Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome staff members Joseph and Chantelle.

Hi.  I voted already. I was doing that and then I had my IP which was really well. I hope you are watching the results of the vote.

I will not be at the Advocate Council until December 11. I just want to let you understand. So, happy election night. I have a really good joke. “What did one termite say to the other termite when he saw the house burning?” “Barbecue tonight!” So have a good night, bye.

John is pleased after having voted on election day.  Note his "I voted" sticker.

John, Donna, and Lana are watching the election results on their TV at the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome.
John, Donna, and Lana all voted, and were eager to learn who would be elected president.   

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