Monday, November 19, 2012

Update On Carl's Upcoming Trip To New Orleans

This blog post is about Carl, and was provided to us by Alan, one of the members of First Congregational Church in Boulder which Carl attends. Carl had recently told us he was going back to New Orleans on December 15th, so we contacted Alan for more information about Carl’s upcoming trip and Alan cheerfully obliged.

Carl will be going to New Orleans on December 15 by himself. This will be Carl’s fourth trip to New Orleans to help rebuild houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Carl enjoys the churches where we have stayed in the past while working on rebuilding homes through the St. Bernard Project, in east New Orleans. Therefore, he travels there on his own to experience special programs at several of the churches about which he knows, especially music programs. He finds all this out on the web.

In New Orleans, Carl has helped laying the floor, painting, sanding, drilling in drywall, and cleaning up. On top of that, when we get lost in the French Quarter or almost anywhere in New Orleans, Carl knows where to go. He has an uncanny sense of location. Even when he goes to New Orleans on his own, especially within the first several years after Katrina, he knew which buses would be working and which ones were not. He was able to locate the office of the St. Bernard Project. He also remembers every house he worked on and the names of those who live there.

Carl using a drill while repairing a damaged home in New Orleans.

Carl painting a damaged home in New Orleans.

Carl with friends Liz McCartney and Zack Rosenburg, founders of the St. Bernard Project.  
Liz was voted CNN's Hero of the Year in 2008.


  1. are sooooooo awesome!!!

  2. This is certainly one of the coolest stories I've seen Kim, and I try to read them all. (Gary S.)