Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NY Yankees Are Coming To Denver Next May

This blog post was submitted by Jessica via a written note and phone call.

Hello, how are you? I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving.

Last Thursday, November 15th, was my second anniversary living at Garden Place PCA. That night I watched the Buffalo Bills play the Miami Dolphins on TV, and they showed Niagara Falls a few times during the game. That was awesome. I enjoyed seeing the Buffalo Bills win. I like the New York teams. Next May (the 7th, 8th, and 9th) the New York Yankees will be in Denver playing the Rockies. I might go with my dad, that would be cool and great.

Also on my second anniversary at Garden Place I had a good day at work at the Pumphouse rolling silverware. After work I went bowling and had two games over 100 and a 99.

Well, bye for now, and happy Thanksgiving.

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