Thursday, November 7, 2013

Imagine! Client's Dedication Recognized

This blog post came to us in an email from a community member, Geoff, who is familiar with Imagine! through his business, CaraSolva, which provides Imagine! with our MedSupport system.  
Both Geoff and the person he's describing gave us permission to share this email in a blog post. We appreciate Geoff taking the time to send this, and we also recognize the dedication of the Imagine! client (who prefers to fly under the radar and remain anonymous) for making sure he got to work on time and for inspiring Geoff.

Today I rode the bus (in fact two buses, the Jump westward on Arapahoe and the Skip north on Broadway) from our current house in Western Lafayette to the CaraSolva office on Broadway in Boulder close to the Hungry Toad.

There was an individual on the bus, to my right, a relatively big guy with a ball cap, who was chatting with another commuter.

At Arapahoe and Broadway we both get off the Jump and start the approximately quarter mile walk to the bus stop for the Skip. The Skip comes by us almost immediately and I think, screw that I’m not running through all these people for a quarter mile, with small probability of making the bus.

However, as soon as the Skip passes, the big guy with the ball cap, lights it up and starts sprinting through the crowd. I walk a few more steps, watching him thinking there’s no hope, but he starts to reduce the lead on the bus. So I start to run as well, think of myself as a fairly fit Boulder person, but the big guy is gaining on me, and he catches the bus. He gets on the bus and because he has delayed the bus, I make it as well.

We both get off the bus at Broadway and North, and I share with him that I was impressed by his run to catch the bus. He tells me he is pretty fit and used to play football. It is then I realize he is one of the Imagine! work crew on his way to clean The Hungry Toad. We talk briefly while crossing the road, about what a good job the cleaning crew does at the Hungry Toad, Imagine! and where he lives in Lafayette.

Thought I would share. It was a nice moment and this Imagine! client’s dedication to making his work on time (the Jump had been awful slow and late), and willingness to throw modesty to the wind, and sprint for the bus was refreshing and a motivation.


The Hungry Toad Restaurant in Boulder has employed
Imagine! clients for more than 20 years.

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