Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fun Conversation With Gerald And Donna

This blog post came to us during a chat that I (Gary) had with Gerald and Donna about our jobs and other topics. We were at the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome in Boulder, and as is typical, the conversation included a lot of laughter. Here are a couple of highlights from that night's conversation.

With reference to the three of us having decent jobs but not being necessarily wealthy, Donna stated, "It may not be a lot of money that we earn, but we survive with what we earn. Penny by penny it adds up." 

Later, Donna asked me what I was having for supper and I replied, "Tomato soup and oyster crackers." Donna leaned forward, and bellowing out a hearty laugh, said, "You're living on soup and crackers?" I assured her I had plenty of food at home, but tomato soup and crackers is one of my favorite meals. 

Gerald was proud and happy that he had worked at Twisted Pine Brewing Company earlier in the day. His job is helping them compile the data for their inventory on Thursdays. The yellow patch on his work shirt, which he is wearing in the photo below, says, "Twisted Pine Brewing Company." Every Wednesday night he makes sure that he has that shirt picked out and ready to wear to work the next day.

As I was saying goodbye before going home to my supper and a good night's sleep, Donna left me with this parting bit of wisdom. "You better go home, eat, and get to bed. The morning comes quick. The time sure passes fast when we're sleeping." 

Donna showed a dragon fly she made while Gerald watched model train videos on the computer.

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