Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gabe's And Micah's Fable, "The Stubborn Cow"

This blog post came to us in an email from Erkia Schroeder, who is a Communications Teacher for Imagine!'s CORE/Labor Source (CLS) department.  This fable, "The Stubborn Cow," was written collaboratively by two clients, Gabe and Micah, pictured below, as the class was working on fables in a Creative Writing class.  Both Gabe and Micah have given their permission for us to print their story. If you would like to share a comment about their fable, you can email Erika at eschroeder@imaginecolorado.org and she can pass along your comment to Gabe and Micah.

The Stubborn Cow
Written by Gabe and Micah

Once upon a time there was Duck that lived in a house with a beautiful garden. The Duck was planting some flowers and the Cow came and he said the Duck had beautiful flowers. The Duck had something to do so he asked the Cow to watch his garden. Some animals were there walking by such as a sheep, chicken, and horse. The cow was hungry, and was afraid to ask for help of the other animals so he ate all the flowers. 

The Cow needed some help cleaning his stall and then his friends asked him if he needed some help. The Cow was too stubborn and too afraid to ask for help and said “No thank you.” He then became frustrated and had a nervous breakdown trying to do it all by himself. The sheep, chicken, and the horse saw that he needed help but they were mad at him and they didn’t want to see him or hang out with him. 

The Duck came back home from a long trip and he was furious at the Cow.  “How could you eat my garden when you could have asked for help?” 

The Cow was shocked and started saying “I was hungry.” The Duck was glad that he told the truth but he was still mad at him. The Duck didn’t want to see the Cow and told him “I need a break from you for a while and I want you to think of what you did and ask for help next time.” 

The Cow was so upset and angry he just sulked and cried like there was no tomorrow. He thought of what he did and realized he should have asked for help and maybe tomorrow he won’t do that again. 

Never be afraid to ask for it and asking for it you will get some help. 

Gabe working on a story in his CORE/Labor Source (CLS) class.

Micah working on a story in his CORE/Labor Source (CLS) class.

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