Friday, June 27, 2014

Miah's Favorite Things: Spring, Blue Topaz, & Burgers

This blog post came to us from Miah, who wrote the following during Imagine!'s Out & About department's Creative Expressions Class. The way Miah describes eating hamburgers and French fries seems like it would make an excellent advertisement for a hamburger restaurant!

My favorite season of the year is spring because it makes me feel carefree, and the lightness in the air. I hope you enjoyed my favorite season of the year. 

My favorite birthstone is the blue topaz because it describes my personality, and it describes December perfectly. 

When I watch a movie, I like to create a new food craving, and to have fun with the popcorn and to enjoy the movie. 

My favorite food is burgers and French fries, because I like the tastefulness of the juice of the burgers, the crispiness of the burgers, and the French fries is slipping through my fingers. Also, the taste of the cheese is melting through my hands, and also, the hot, smoking burgers is my favorite thing in the world. 

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