Friday, August 15, 2014

Chris Visits The Aquarium

This blog post came to us in two ways today.  First was an email from Shannon Bundy, Site Supervisor at the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome in Boulder, and that was followed by an audio email from Chris, a resident at the home.

Shannon wrote: Chris went to the aquarium with me today. He is going to send you an email about it. He told me that his favorite fish was the little blue one, he said it was pretty. The pictures I am sending you are Chris with the sharks, Chris touching a sting ray, and Chris's favorite fish. 

Chris's audio email said: This is Chris calling to tell you that I went to the aquarium with Shannon and I saw sharks and I had fun. Goodbye. 

Chris's favorite fish, the pretty blue one.

Chris near the sharks.

Chris touching a sting ray.

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