Friday, November 3, 2017

Imagine! WayToGoTober Final Update

The third annual "Go-Tober Challenge" wrapped up Tuesday in the Denver metro area. Imagine! employees were awarded first place in the “Neighborhood Ninjas” competition, earning the title of 2017 Go-Tober champion.

“We learned a lot during the Go-Tober challenge and we had fun doing it,” said Karen Kalis, HR Director at Imagine!. “Many of our employees now realize there are other healthier, sustainable and more cost-effective ways to commute rather than driving alone.”

The ground rules were simple. Companies of all sizes were categorized by the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) service level areas, with an effort index applied to equal the playing field between small and large companies. For a complete list of the 52 competing companies, and to see the final results, check out the Go-Tober leaderboard, located here.

A total of 1,719 participants in the Go-Tober challenge logged 36,924 commutes. Their efforts resulted in 440,137 smart commute miles traveled and a reduction of more than 125.12 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Walkers and bikers also burned an extra 2,732,019 calories and saved some $116,007.76 in travel costs.

Go-Tober is presented by Way to Go, a regional partnership between the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and a group of seven Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) that are dedicated to transforming the way people get around. Go-Tober works directly with employers to introduce new commute options to those who normally drive alone. Ultimately, Go-Tober is designed to inspire lasting changes in commuting behavior to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. Employees are encouraged to carpool, telework, vanpool, bike, walk, take the light rail or bus their way to prizes and annual bragging rights.

“This campaign offers employers a turn-key program to promote smart commute choices,” said Steve Erickson, director of communications and marketing for the Denver Regional Council of Governments. “Imagine! really went above and beyond by encouraging smarter and less stressful commutes. We hope this inspires employees to continue making those choices more often.”

Here’s Imagine!’s final WayToGoTober stats:

In recognition of the creative ways that employees found to avoid the SOV commute, the following employees are receiving special awards:


The Riding in Style Award goes to Michelle Conkey-Sajban and Hickory the horse from Case Management for obvious reasons.

The Stinky Sneaker Award goes to Scott Wendelberger in Public Relations for commuting 22 miles round trip on foot.

An It’s Better Together Award goes to Foothills Group Home employees for outstanding carpooling efforts.

An It’s Better Together Award also goes to Care Coordination employees for outstanding carpooling efforts.

The Imagine! Grand Prize, which was randomly picked from all employees who logged at least 8 one-way alternative Go-Tober trips, goes to Taylor Manuian. It’s worth noting that Taylor logged 34 alternative trips during Go-Tober! Taylor is the winner of a $125 gift certificate to REI as well as an Imagine! messenger bag!

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