Monday, November 6, 2017

Imagine!'s Case Management Unsung Hero: Valerie Cordova

Imagine!’s Case Management department works with many great people. To show their appreciation, each month they choose an “Unsung Hero” within the department. Case Managers, support staff, and Case Management supervisors all put in nominations describing what the person has contributed to go above and beyond to support those we serve.

We would like to recognize Valerie Cordova as this month’s Case Management Unsung Hero!

Valerie always has a smile on her face, even when she is getting ready to call a doctor’s office to request a late Professional Medical Information Plan (PMIP). She is so kind to her co-workers and the providers she speaks with over the phone. Recently, I was working on getting a PMIP for about three weeks. I was swamped with meetings and I asked her for additional support. Even though she doesn’t typically assist with intake/enrollment PMIPs, Valerie offered to help with obtaining the needed document. I came back one hour later and she had the PMIP in my box. She accomplished in one hour what I had been working on for three weeks! Valerie is a miracle worker! She recognized the need to move quickly and offered support above and beyond her current duties and helped to move someone forward with enrollment. 

In another instance, I needed support with redacting Personal Health Information (PHI) from a number of documents in order to scan them into Questys. Valerie offered her assistance and gave me tips on how to efficiently complete this task. She is always willing to take on new tasks/responsibilities and does so happily. Valerie is always working when you walk by her desk and my interactions with her leave me with a smile on my face! We are lucky to have her in Case Management!

Great work, Valerie, and thank you for your dedication!

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