Monday, February 4, 2013

Gerald Blossoming In Creative Writing Class

This blog post was sent via an email from Gerald’s Creative Writing Instructor, Meagan Rountree, who wrote,  "Below is a letter that Gerald wrote as well as a story he typed in creative writing class." 

Regular followers of this blog may recognize that it contains familiar material about Gerald's upcoming birthday (the January 18 and January 30 posts), but what is noteworthy, if not remarkable, about the three posts is that they all came to us through different channels.  The first post was given in person, with Gerald using his finger switch to activate his birthday message using his Dynavox computer.  The second post came to us via an audio email in which Gerald was interviewed by one of the staff members at his home and vocalized his responses.  This post came through an email, with the text typed by Gerald in his creative writing class.  Considering that Gerald went most of his previous 50+ years not being able to effectively communicate to people that his birthday is coming up, it sure is neat that he now has at least three different ways to do so.  

"In creative writing class we are working on different writing projects to send to the newsletter. This month, I’d like to send you some writing I did with my device about my upcoming birthday. Attached is my story as well as a picture of me typing it."
Sincerely, Gerald
My Birthday
By: Gerald Stopa

My birthday is February 10th. I will be 51 years old. I am excited to go out eat at The 3 Margaritas with Donna and Whitney. I will also be having a party at the (Bob and Judy Charles) SmartHome. I look forward to seeing my friends and celebrating birthday.

 Gerald is pictured here typing this blog post.

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