Friday, February 22, 2013

Rebecca Likes Her Chicken Spicy

This blog post was provided in person on President’s Day by Rebecca, who is a resident at the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome in Boulder.

I had a good weekend. On Saturday I went to Super Target in Louisville with Max (SmartHome counselor) and Mandy (housemate). After that I went to Michael’s and bought some canvas for painting. That was on East Baseline Road in Boulder at the Meadows Shopping Center. I went there with Phil (SmartHome counselor).

I also ate at 5 Spices. I like the hot, spicy chicken.

I’m going to the Shine Dance on March 1st. I want to have my hair done curly. We’re all going (SmartHome residents) and we’ll get dressed up.

Usually on Mondays I work at Rock Bottom Brewery and the Boulder Chop House on Walnut Street, rolling silverware into napkins. I also work at Free Waves counting screws and tires. I stack them. They are real screws and tires, not toys. That’s all for now.

Rebecca uses a Valentine's Day card she received to demonstrate how she reacts
to the hot and spicy chicken at 5 Spices restaurant.


  1. Enjoyable read! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. The interview was fun, especially when Rebecca grabbed the Valentine (pictured) and fanned herself to demonstrate what it's like to eat that spicy chicken.