Friday, February 15, 2013

SmartHome Residents' Meeting Notes Show Insight

This blog post was provided to us by Mandy, who typed up the minutes to a recent meeting at the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome in Boulder. In spite of the friendships and support the residents of the home share with one another, with eight people residing in the house, and as with any group of housemates, there will be issues. The residents choose to be proactive and have regular meetings where they can openly share concerns or suggestions with one another. These notes are from a house meeting on January 24th and provide a keen insight into the residents’ efforts to communicate effectively with one another.

“What we discussed in group last night.

We discussed some of the most effective ways that we as a house may be able to help one another communicate better. Sometimes one of us may be uncomfortable because they are unable, unsure, or maybe they don’t even know how to express how they are feeling or even whether they should speak out about how they are truly feeling. They may be afraid to tell us about how they are feeling.

In our last house meeting, we discussed certain questions that may be helpful for us to ask one another. If we notice that another client is feeling uneasy and uncomfortable, they taught us to be polite, calm, and ask if there is anything we can do for them and tell them that we care about them.”

Mandy at her computer in the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome.

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