Thursday, February 21, 2013

John Cautions Us That The Roads Are Really Slick

This blog post was sent via an audio email from John, who is a resident of the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome in Boulder.

Hey, How are you? This is your friend JR speaking. It’s really slick on the roads so take your time. I know it’s going to be a bit tricky on the roads because it’s really icy out there.

I know that you are watching the weather (I hope), and I also have a new joke for you. "What do you call a deer with no eyes?"  The answer is “no idear.” One more is “How do you make a handkerchief dance?” The answer is, “Put a boogie on it.” Those are my two best jokes and I hope you understand them.

I’ll talk to you later, OK? Have a good night, stay warm.

This is John wearing a party hat at his housemate Gerald's birthday party two weeks ago.

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