Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jessica Is Excited To Be Walking The Bolder Boulder

This blog post came to us through a phone message from Jessica and returning her call.

Hey, this is your friend Jessica. I just wanted to tell you some possible good news. It’s a good possibility that I might be walking the Bolder Boulder and doing track and field. If you get a chance give me a call back. Talk to you soon.

The phone call was returned, and we got the following information from Jessica.

I just got back from my doctor a couple minutes ago and I got the OK to walk the Bolder Boulder and to do track and field. I get my knee brace tomorrow. I can even play softball too. For the track and field, which is through Special Olympics, if I qualify I get to go to state in Grand Junction and have a chance at winning a medal. When asked what she likes about the Bolder Boulder, Jessica replied, “Getting my picture taken, seeing people I know, and the bands are pretty cool too.

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