Monday, April 15, 2013

Jessica Keeps In Touch With Friends Through Email

This email was sent to Imagine!'s Communications Coordinator, Gary Stebick, from Jessica, who said that sharing the email with followers of the Imagine! Voices blog followers would be cool. It is exciting that more and more people served by Imagine! are embracing technology and using tools that are available to them to keep in touch with their friends. The words Jessica typed are all included, only a few minor spelling changes were made.

Dear Gary,

 Hello, how are you? I am hanging in here. I start track and field tomorrow.

I am down that Ted (CORE/Labor Source employee) is leaving at the end of the month. It is hard for me not to cry. I am sensitive we are very very close in friends.

On Wednesday I get my new knee brace@ 4:00 p.m. I start sports and games next week.  (a class with CORE/Labor Source). I hope you are feeling better. I don't like me arthritis but I have to deal with it in the rain and snow.

Have you seen the movie of Jackie Robioson #42? I hope you have a great weekend. Please keep me in prayer as I do for you daily. Say hello to Jim when you see him please. Thanks for the article you sent. Write back soon please. Have a good weekend stay warm.

sincerely from one of your best best friends. Jessica

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