Saturday, August 3, 2013

John Is Going To A Red Rocks Concert

This blog post came to us via an audio email on Friday, August 2nd. It was sent by John to his friend Gary. John, and all the residents at the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome have access to an audio email system that allows them to keep in contact with their friends and families.

Hello Gary, this is your friend JR speaking. If my mom and dad go to the 50th anniversary of Imagine! over in the Harvest House Hotel then I’ll meet you there. I know it’s on Sunday, the 4th. Otherwise I’m going to the Red Rocks, I’ve got to go see the Steve Miller Band with the Doobie Brothers, just to let you know that. Talk to you hopefully after Saturday.

From the left in their Bronco shirts are John and his housemates
Rebecca and Mandy.  They recently attended the Broncos training camp.

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