Friday, August 23, 2013

Teylan Is Proud Of Her Crawfishing Skills

Today's blog post came to us in an email from Erika Alvis, Boulder CORE/Labor Source Coordinator. Thanks for sharing this Erika, and thanks to Andy for taking the time and effort to find and provide neat opportunities for the people in his class.

Attached is a picture of CORE/LS participant, Teylan, who is with the CORE/Labor Source Community Adventures in Nederland, Colorado, hiking and fishing for crawfish with a piece of string and a hot dog! All of the crawfish caught were immediately released, but as you can tell by the smile of Teylan’s face she is pretty proud of her crawfish fishin’ skills! 

 Andy Wagner is the instructor of the class and takes a great deal of time researching and planning fun activities that will accommodate all of the likes in the group! 

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  1. Fantastic picture from a great day! --Kirk (CORE/LS instructor/counselor)