Friday, June 9, 2017


Today's post features an Imagine! participant, Eric, who accepts Out & About services:

My name is Eric and I was born in Denver, CO. I was born with a handicap which had a great impact on me, it’s called CP for you all do not know, here is a little background on this. There are a lot of disabilities and that does not mean that you can’t do the same as those who don’t, it means that you are slow at things and you may need some help. So that’s what I got. When my mother and father had me they wanted to do everything in their power to help. I couldn’t speak that good or walk. So mother and father put me in children hospital and there they teach how to walk and work on my speech, but mostly on my walk. I did not want to some days. My dad told my mom to make sure “Eric get down here and do the exercises that the hospital told him to do.” It was a big part on him, and it work for me and I did that for about 13 years and now I am 55 and doing great. And for that I got my mother and father to thank. They really were great at that and that's how I walk and talk a little better now.

Now I did have a woman in my life when I was 13 or 14, she was good and caring about me. We went out for about two or three years. At that time I did not understand it at all, all I knew is that she love me and I love her. After school was out and if I did my homework, I could go out and see her. Each time I went to her house we go out like a park or something like that and it was a good feeling to see her each time. But we sat down one day and we hold hands and we talk and talk and she told me that she was seeing someone else and that hurt me a lot. She told me what she wanted and it made me upset for couple of weeks, seemed like. But I got over her slowly and since today we are friends but we don’t see each other anymore but I would love to see what has become of her. But who knows maybe we will.

I had speech all through school and did good and people that helped me thought I was getting really good at my voice and I had work very hard on it. I made lots of friends. Got out of school with A+ and A’s. Got a good job for about 22 years and retire. I found Out & About and it has been great to me. Lots of cool people and we do things that are pretty cool. I think I had hard times but got over that, lets just say things are looking up.

Thanks mom and dad, never will forget the good old times we had. Love, your son,

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