Friday, June 16, 2017

Nick O'Connor: Instructor and Musician

Nick is an Imagine! employee and has worked in the field of intellectual/developmental disabilities for about ten years. In addition, he is a singer/songwriter and has been playing music since he was 13. I sat down with Nick to learn more about these two passions of his: 

 1) What inspires you to write and play music?
I was kind of an awkward kid growing up. Wasn’t good at sports. Felt like I didn’t have much to give and wanted to express myself in a way. Started playing songs and playing guitar. That’s one thing I did that got me positive attention in school. Pouring my heart out in a song feels good, kinda like an anti-depressant. The performing is just as important as the song writing. I don’t think I could just write a song for other people. I like getting my message out there.

2) How did you get into this line of work, assisting individuals with developmental disabilities?
I have a passion for the line of work we’re in. We work with a population that isn’t talked about a lot and we’re still fighting for their basic rights. I have a heart for stuff like that, that’s why I’m in this field. I want to help people. 

 We were doing karaoke in a music class at CLS Longmont. One of our student’s sang “I feel like a motherless child.” She started to tear up. I told them that if you get emotional with music, there’s no shame in that. We proceeded to watch YouTube videos of songwriters talking about their songwriting process and how it goes beyond feeling happy. I think they were hip to that. To share that and get a positive response is meaningful to me.

3) What are your music goals right now? Any big projects?
In the next couple of months, I am recording an EP. My goal is to record a series of 4 EPs and release them every six months. I’ll be writing music on my own. Sometimes I bring people in to bounce off ideas. I’m going to work with Clark Hagen on these EPs. He’s a genius. Did some stuff with Chet Atkins back in the 90’s and on a record that won Grammys.

Click here to visit Nick’s website. You can listen to his original tracks and see where he is playing next.  

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