Friday, June 30, 2017

Kit and Phil - This Isn't Goodbye

At the end June, two longtime Imagine! employees will be retiring from our organization. In addition to being voted “Cutest Couple at Imagine!” for ten years running, Phil and Kit Peiffer leave behind a legacy of more than 37 years of service!

While it is an impossible task to truly capture their impact on Imagine!’s mission of creating a world of opportunity for all abilities, we did ask a few co-workers to share their thoughts as Kit and Phil ride off into the sunset to enjoy a life of luxurious retirement. Here are just a few of them:

“Kit has been an important part of the Early Intervention (EI) Team. She is taken on lots of different duties over the years and has been hardworking and kind. EI will miss Kit and all that she brought to the department.”

“Phil was a compulsively competent Case Manager and then became my supervisor and was able to guide Case Managers to the point of becoming competent themselves.”

“I will miss my conversations with Kit about bikes and her stories of riding adventures, and the fact that she is one of the few ‘early birds’ like myself in the office. Kit helped me out a lot the last several months with a task in our department and volunteered to take this on. I’m very thankful for that help.”

“Phil had a good mix of seriousness about the important matters and humor for things that could be light-hearted.”

“Kit has been an integral part of Early Intervention. She has so much knowledge to share with the group. Her personality was a great addition to the EI team!”

“I’ve never been so sad to see a supervisor go. Phil has made my transition to Case Management as easy as it could be and it’s been a pleasure working with him the last year.”

“Kit has been such an asset to helping getting services for children. Her knowledge about insurance is awesome and so helpful. She will be missed in so many many many ways!!!!”

“Phil is easily the best supervisor I have ever had. He is approachable, supportive and light hearted. He has made Imagine! a great place to work. We will all miss him, and his candy bucket.”

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