Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gabe's Creative Writing Story

This blog post is a story written by Gabe in a Creative Writing class offered by Imagine!'s CORE/Labor Source department. Gabe's Instructor, Meagan, sent us the story and photo below. Gabe's story is a wacky article titled Mushy Untrustworthy Baby Stomps Flowers. Writing this story presented challenges to Gabe, who has difficulty seeing and steadying his hand, so he worked with an adaptive keyboard with large keys over a period of several weeks to get it typed.

Note: Usually, we correct misspelled words or grammar errors we find in submitted stories, but they were intentionally left here to demonstrate how few errors there are in this story and to acknowledge Gabe’s typing ability.

Mushy Untrustworthy Baby Stomps Flowers

Recent sightings of an enormous 50-foot mushy, untrustworthy baby have citizens Italy on edge and nobody’s flowers safe describes his experience with this monster baby, “I was standing in my yard working very hard on my flowers and the baby just came over and stomped my garden. Now all of my flowers and some of my shrubs are dead! I was very upset!” Reports coning in suggest that Gabriele isn’t this mushy baby’s only victim 200 people have complained about their flowers being stomped. What are the people if Italy going to do about this gigantic baby? How did it get so big? What’s more, who is going to change its diaper?

After doing some investigating, it was discovered that mad scientists at Rainbow Lab were trying to make a formula to help babies stop sucking their thumbs. In their experiment, something went terribly wrong and they accidentally turned the baby into a giant. Scientists are working feverishly to create an antidote for the baby and the community came together to build a giant crib to keep the baby contained. This newspaper will keep you updated on any developments with the giant baby. Your flowers are safe…. For now….

Gabe typing his story.

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