Friday, May 17, 2013

Jessica's New Job, Yankee Game, And More

This blog post came to us with a phone call from Jessica, who receives support services from Imagine!.

"Yesterday I started working at the Flower Bin in Longmont (with CORE/Labor Source). It’s a temporary, seasonal job. We fold boxes and put them on a cart and take them where they’re needed. We might water plants or weed plants too.

Last week at the Yankee game during the rain delay we got shelter away from the lightning. I did get soaked but it was still fun for the most part. I had a feeling the Yankees would pull it out.

Last night I worked in the garden in our back yard. I pulled weeds and took some fallen branches out of the garden. We planted beets, tomatoes, onions, and a few other things.

In the Special Olympics I did good for the most part.  I got first place in the softball throw and baton relay, and second place in the running long jump.

Last Tuesday, May 14, was my anniversary with Labor Source. It’s been 17 years.

Bye for now."

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