Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Anthony Likes His Job At Amcon

This blog post came to us during a face to face conversation with Anthony. He takes great pride in being gainfully employed, and told us about his job at Amcon in Longmont. Anthony is a member of a work crew through Imagine!’s CORE/Labor Source supported employment program. Here is what Anthony shared with us.

“I work at Amcon every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We are making car seat covers. We put a cloth cover over yellow and black foam so the seat is more comfortable.”

Anthony's reliability and positive attitude has made him a valued employee with CORE/Labor Source for many years. Anthony is always ready to “be on the clock” if help is needed. Even with his remarkable work ethic, he keeps things in perspective and makes sure that helping out his family is the most important thing is his life.

Anthony works hard at his jobs but enjoys his time off  too. 
This photo was taken during a vacation
in the San Juan National forest in western Colorado.

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