Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Innovations Advocacy Council Tackles Important Issues

This blog post came to us because earlier this week, John (pictured below) told me about yesterday's  Innovations Advocacy Council meeting that he’d be at. 

Some of the agenda items from yesterday's monthly meeting included a discussion on the brochure they have been working on, titled, “Decision making-how much help do I really need?” The brochure provides information on guardianship and other important areas for people served by Imagine!. Also on yesterday’s agenda were discussions related to ballot issues for the 2013 elections, and how to help people who receive services from Imagine! to reach their full potential for reading.

When I told Donna (also pictured below) that trying to keep up with all the activities that the residents at the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome participate in makes my head spin, she replied, “We don’t sit around and let ourselves become couch potatoes.”

Pictured below, from the left, are Innovations Advocacy Council members Donna, Sam Towers (Behavior Health Manager for Imagine!'s Innovations for Children department), Lana, and John.  Donna, Lana, and John are Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome residents who have been on the council since it began more than one year ago.    

From the left: Donna, Sam, Lana, and John were among the 10
 Innovations Advocacy Council members at yesterday's monthly meeting.

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